Learn To Worm Workshop, 6/26


This is NOT a virtual workshop. You must attend in person.
Saturday, June 26, 2021, @ 9-11 am
Enchanted Lake Elementary School, Kailua
Enter the double gate at the far left of the property as you face the school

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Vermicomposting is gaining in popularity across Oahu as concerned citizens of all ages discover the fascination of cultivating a colony of composting worms. Worms turn garbage into gold by eating household food waste and producing vermicast, a superior soil amendment ideal for all kinds of gardens, potted plants, landscaping and lawn.

What’s special about this particular vermicomposting program – a project of the Windward Zero Waste School Hui – is that we all agree to report our data. Numbers demonstrate the power of the collective and measure our impact. You may be feeding your wormies only four pounds of food waste a week, but if 1,000 members of the Oahu Community Worm Ohana are doing the same – well, that’s two tons of waste diverted each week, 104 tons per year! No expensive transportation, no carbon footprint, no polluting processing…. We make a small difference as individuals, but together, we pack a powerful punch for environmental restoration!

Join our growing Worm Ohana!
We make it easy, enjoyable, and convenient to get started. The Saturday morning June 26th hands-on Worm Workshop is limited to 20 participants. Materials cost is only $75 – a great value. All other expenses of the program have been covered by a generous grant from the Sacharuna Foundation.

You will receive everything you need:
• Step-by-step instructions on how to set-up your home bin and successfully care for your worms.
• 18-gallon worm bin – properly drilled out – plus a digital scale, bricks, bin blanket and bedding.
• Starter colony of four ounces composting worms
• Website account to enable data reporting on the WormOhana.org website.

Stay on track via our website: WormOhana.org
• Dashboard data log entries will track waste diversion from all participants
• Weekly video Zero Waste lessons will be e-mailed to you, and posted on the website