G.H. From Ewa Beach reports:
Lots of little bugs got into this expensive flapjack mix, and my wife was about to throw away the whole box! Should I fire up the griddle and make a big batch of buggy pancakes for the wormies?

They say you KNOW FOR SURE you’re a Worm Person…

  • If your produce purchases are based on the high worm-food value of rinds, skins, or peels – you and your family get what’s left over,
  • If you schedule your vacation based on the availability of a reliable worm-sitter,
  • If you named your newborn daughter Eisenia.

I would add to the list, “You’re a Worm Person if you are willing, without hesitation, to cook up pancakes to feed your worms!  And clean up the mess!”

What a loving gesture, G.H., and of course your worms would go wild with joy over such a feast, but it’s probably not necessary, and may – in fact – be too much of a good thing.

The ingredients of this flapjack mix are: 100% whole grain wheat flour, 100% whole grain oat flour, wheat protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, brown sugar, milk protein concentrate, buttermilk, leavening, sea salt.

And let’s not forget the invading protein-packed bugs.  WOW! Superfood!

Powerful nutrition like this will bulk up the skinniest worm in a hurry and supercharge reproduction capabilities (more viable eggs per egg case).  It can also heat up your bin and stink, as breaking the molecular bonds of grains and proteins is far more energetic and complex than easy-peasy fruits and veggies.  Most of us unintentionally overdo grains or proteins sooner or later and pay for it with dead worms and putrid gunk to scoop out.  Ouch!

The secret is MODERATION. If you sprinkle in a handful of the raw powder mix with your regular feeding and stretch it out over time it will serve very well as a fine nutritional supplement, without overwhelming the system.  Your worms will thrive!

Do you have an unusual worm food experience?  If so, please share! Remember that worms will eat any and all decaying organic matter, but because they are trapped in a worm bin, we need to be thoughtful about our feeding choices.  I always say, “if in doubt, try it out.”  If your worms don’t flee or die, it’s probably OK.

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Steve Majzun
11 months ago

Aloha All 🙂 I manage the worm bin for Kaimuki Middle School and I have to admit that when the cafeteria and our offsite juice shop aren’t producing enough quality food for the bin, I do cook a couple of extra cups of rice for the worm bin. Shout out what you do to keep your worms well fed! Aloha, Steve

Betsy Dyer
11 months ago

We once cleared out an embarrassing amount of expired spices from our cabinet. I dumped everything in a large container, mixed it all up, and then sprinkled in a hand full with every feeding. It took months to use it all, and smelled wonderful!