Harvest Party, 11/25

Friday, November 25, 2022, the day after Thanksgiving
Enchanted Lake Elementary Worm Hale
Kailua, Island of Oahu

Aloha Worm Ohana –

If the worms in your box bin have been hard at work grinding through your food waste for six months to a year, it’s time to harvest their unique gift of vermicast and re-bed them in fresh bedding for another round…

It’s HARVEST PARTY time again, Worm Ohana!  Yahoo!

Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to express our sincerest gratitude for our amazing wormies and the work they do diverting waste, creating the world’s finest fertilizer, and changing the way we view the world.  

Harvesting a big, mature worm bin is a daunting, time-consuming task if you do it solo, but with lots of helping hands it’s fast and fun!  We guarantee you’ll be all done and on your way home in two hours, tops.  

Here’s what you get at our Worm Ohana Harvest Party:

  • Help to get your heavy bin out of your car!
  • Comfortable, shady outdoor set-up with big tables to work on
  • Friendly, enthusiastic volunteers to help with the harvesting procedure
  • Complete support, all your questions answered
  • Camaraderie!  Meet fellow wormers in your community
  • Official weighing of your worm ball, with photo
  • Free fresh bedding – your choice of shredded cardboard and/or pine shavings
  • Help to get your vermicast buckets and re-bedded bin back into your car

We provide everything you need to harvest and re-bed your worms with perfect success.  We do all the cleaning up, too!  

All you need to do is bring your worm bin and a couple of empty buckets to carry home your harvested vermicast. And remember, if you are going to join us for the harvest, stop feeding your worms NOW. Give the wormies time to consume most of the food before the harvest.

Open to up to 15 participants.  Fee $40.  

Interested friends, family members or Worm Ohana members not yet ready to harvest are welcome. If you are worm-curious, come see what it’s all about!  If you just love harvesting worm bins with a bunch of great folks, come on down!

Please sign up below to volunteer to harvest.

Want to know how harvesting is done? Watch the video below!

Harvest from the original pilot project of the Worm Ohana

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